Your dog sheds all over the place. While you love him dearly, you want to make sure he doesn’t cover your home in hair or fur.

By researching the best brushes for dogs with short hair and long hair – and purchasing the right product – you can combat shedding and keep your dog looking great at the same time.

The difference between a regular dog brush and a shedding bush

A regular dog brush smoothes the surface of your dog’s fur as well as removes loose debris and hair on the outer coat, according to Megan Conrad, a licensed veterinarian in Oregon and member of online veterinarian service Hello Ralphie. A deshedding tool or a rake will get through your dog’s outer coat and remove loose fur from the undercoat, if your pup has one. Usually, they are designed with metal bristles or teeth and a handle.

Using a dog brush for shedding: Shorthaired vs. longhaired dogs

You can use a deshedding brush or tool on longhaired or shorthaired dogs. However, when it comes to a regular groomer brush, find a dog brush specifically designed for your dog’s coat length. Dr. Conrad says that something with shorter and softer bristles that are closer together is better for shorthaired dogs, while longer bristles will get all the way through to your longhaired dog’s coat.

Dr. Conrad recommends reading reviews and talking to your vet or groomer.

The best dog brush for shedding

An example of one of the best dog brushes for shedding is the Andis Pet Self-Cleaning Animal Slicker Brush, which reduces shedding by up to 90% and has a self-cleaning button that removes hair from the brush. You can also try Andis’ DeShedding Tool, an undercoat grooming tool that will not scratch your dog’s skin and is for dogs of every size.

Remember, if your dog isn’t cooperating while you’re using one of these brushes, try positive reinforcement training. Give him a treat, wait until he’s settled down, and use a calm, nice tone with him. Then, he’ll be more likely to sit still and be open to your deshedding tool or brush.