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The pet industry has been experiencing explosive growth. According to The American Pet Products Association, almost 85 million households have a pet. The booming pet businesses are taking advantage of the new patterns that pet-owners use to feed their pets. Now, consumers search for products made with healthy ingredients, adapted the most to the nutritional needs of their pets.

Keep an eye on your dog’s nutrition.

In view of the huge dimension of the animal food industry, producers face increasing levels of competition up to the point that their products are subject to a permanent process of innovation and a variety of marketing alternatives. Now, pet owners have a plethora of options regarding nutrients, prices and pet-tasty products.

The universe of pet food brands is highly regulated and have undergone rigorous veterinary testing. This means that consumers could generally trust the text of every can or bag of pet food sold in the Market.


Dry vs Wet food

There are two big categories of industrial food for dogs: Wet food and dry food. If we compare them both we will refine our capacity to decide which one is better for our pets.

Wet food generally is canned and contains more proteins and fresh ingredients than dry food. Besides, wet foods are more appetizing to pets and could be easily chewed by older dogs. 

Dry food, on its side, is less expensive than wet food and could be kept longer without refrigerating as far as dry foods can be aired without becoming contaminated. 

In my case, I have accustomed “Mami” to routinely consume dry food. However, I eventually give her canned food when she has no appetite for pellets or simply as a reward. 

Then, what is the best way to feed my dog? Like most questions, an infallible answer would be “it depends”. To zero in the nutritional needs of dogs, we must evaluate if the chosen food has taken into consideration their breed, age, and size. It’s highly recommended to select known brands.

If the owner has enough time and cook-devotion he or she could prepare some balanced meals in-house. In this situation, beware of some food that cannot be eaten by dogs such as chocolate, onions and garlic, avocado, bones, milk, beer or any type of alcohol, and macadamia nuts.

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Diet & Supplements

Canine development diets are designed specifically to meet the energy demands and nutritional requirements for healthy growth. Proper nutrition is imperative to support development of bones, joints, muscles, and the immune system, and includes the addition of nutrients such as protein, essential fatty acids, calcium, fiber, vitamin E, and others. Ensuring optimal energy intake allows the diet to meet the high energy demands of puppies while avoiding over nutrition, over-accelerated growth, and unhealthy weight gain. Dietary fats also help to meet these high energy demands and provide the essential fatty acids necessary for brain, neuron, and retinal development and function. 

Since growing puppies require greater amounts of protein than their adult counterparts, it is important to include the appropriate amounts to support healthy development. Correct levels of both fermentable and non-fermentable fiber help to support GI and immune health. During growth, young dogs are more susceptible to infection, but the addition of proper levels of vitamin E to the diet reduces free radical oxidative damage and leads to an increase in immunity. Calcium and phosphorus, in the appropriate amounts and ratio, aid in proper bone and cartilage growth and maturation. It is imperative to be aware of the levels of other minerals as well, as the over-dosage of iodine can lead to hypothyroidism, and the delay in maturation and development of bones. It is therefore important to feed a diet that meets the nutrient minimum and/or maximum requirements established by the National Research Council in order to ensure optimal growth and development of young dogs of all breeds.

Our society has given dogs a position of predominance in the family circle. There are several brands of food competing for a share in the animal food Market. In every specialized store, you will find an impressive diversity of products tailor-made for a variety of breeds, weights or ages. Before buying your dog’s food you can check the nature of the product, its raw materials used, the nutritional levels, and fat content. If you make the right selection and apply the correct feeding routine you will be betting for a healthy pet, because obesity could generate diseases and malfunctions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disorders.

Although we find the feeding instructions in every package, it is convenient to listen to the vet opinion on the subject. In general terms, dogs have two or three meals a day, depending on the size of the portions served. 

Lastly, we would emphasize that you should refrain yourself and your people from the temptation of feeding your dog with your human-food remains.


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