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Choosing a shelter or daycare for your pet should be a decision very well analyzed. The dog shelter is a place where your dog spends the night, and the daycare is a place where dogs spend their day and realize activities under expert guidance. Sometimes a kennel, dog hotel, or dog resort also count with a daycare in-house. From several factors, there are three that must be essentially considered before getting apart from your pet:

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How long the dog will stay in the lodge or in the nursery. If it is a single night, the level of demands may be lower than if the dog stays for a longer time. There are shelters that place the dog in a cage and limit the movement of the animal as well as there are hotels where the dog sleeps in comfortable single beds and enjoys controlled climate and environments where it can play and move freely.

Social skills. Dogs that attend daycare learn social skills through constant interaction with other dogs throughout the day. Besides, the daycare interactions improve the dog’s emotional and cognitive development, prevent subsequent emotional difficulties, and promote prosocial behaviors.

Costs. From basic kennels equipped with cages and limited space for social interaction and movement of the furry guests up to luxurious hotels provided with individual rooms, video cameras, spa, swimming pool, social spaces, ambient music, and even television, are options that depend on their prices.

In as much as you take a good decision your dog and you will experience a diminishing sense of separation anxiety. If you see that your pet is having a good time surrounded by nice and careful persons, you will enjoy much more your time away.


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