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Dogster.com recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers to discuss his love for his dog, Vestry, and their new partnership with Milk-Bone.

On April 4, 2022, Milk-Bone launched its newest flavor: Birthday Dog Treat. This treat is all about celebrating our four-legged family members. To help celebrate this milestone, Milk-Bone tapped NBA Champion and All-NBA player Kevin Love and his beloved Vizsla, Vestry.

Vestry came into Kevin and his fiancé Kay’s lives three years ago, and they have been celebrating her ever since, which makes the partnership with Milk-Bone the paw-fect fit. From birthdays (and half birthdays) to gotcha days and everything in between, these treats are a must-have.

“My Vizsla, Vestry, is my No.1 companion, whether she’s traveling to games alongside me or taking walks together when I am home,” Kevin says. “I love celebrating her as much as I can, even on her half birthday, which is in April. With Vestry being a big Milk-Bone fan, I’m excited to partner with the brand and help pet parents across the country celebrate their dogs on their special day.”


Kevin grew up surrounded by dogs and understands the bond that’s created between pet parent and pup. This bond with Vestry has been really special. Kevin calls her the “quintessential velcro dog” who travels with him on road trips and helps ease any anxiety while traveling. Kevin also notes that Vestry is “a once-in-a-lifetime dog; she is that special.”

Vestry is a natural pointer, runner and high jumper, and Kevin and Kay reward her athletic accomplishments with Milk-Bone Birthday Treats. “She loves these treats, and she lets us know when she is ready for more,” Kevin says.

As loyal readers of Dogster.com, you’ll agree that all dogs have a superpower. We couldn’t end the interview without asking Kevin about Vestry’s. “Her superpower is the love that she gives back to us, she really is the total package of a dog,” Kevin says.

Unmatched love deserves the best. And Kevin reciprocates that love in many ways — one of which is by spoiling her with Milk-Bone Birthday Treats!

Follow Vestry’s adventures on Instagram @vestryvizsla.

And be sure to participate in the sweepstakes and sign-up for the Birthday Club, to make dog birthdays, half birthdays or gotcha days extra special at https://www.milkbone.com/dog-birthdays/sweepstakes.