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Hi, I’m Dr. Karyn. Read my introduction to learn more about me and my five funny dogs, Poppy, Bailey, Kodah, Ned, and Fred.

A few months after we brought home a fluffy little German Shepherd pup, we began to suspect there’d been a fox in the henhouse. Or in this case, a Malinois in the German Shepherd kennel.

As Kodah got older and larger, he became more active, chaotic, and difficult to keep stimulated, and his ability to jump remarkably high only reinforced our suspicions about his genetics. Fortunately for us, he never let his frustrations affect his sweet nature, and our pint-sized Chihuahuas always make sure he stays in line!

Ned makes sure Kodah knows his place.
Ned makes sure Kodah knows his place.

Kodah ♥️ Water

It’s one thing to keep up with the exercise requirements of a dog like Kodah, but keeping his brain stimulated, as well as his body, has been a constant challenge, as he quickly becomes obsessive about the things he enjoys. One activity he absolutely loves is chasing water. What started as a playful squirt of water in his direction whilst watering the garden, quickly became his new favorite thing, and it also allowed me to provide him with much-needed enrichment from the comfort of my garden chair.

The body twisting, height jumping acrobatics Kodah performed in pursuit of a jet of water was more impressive than anything he did when out for a run on the beach or during a game of chase, and even the littlies, Ned and Fred, enjoyed racing after the smaller drops of water as they landed, as long as they stayed clear of the falling German Malinois!

Water induced acrobatics with Kodah, Ned and Fred
Water-induced acrobatics with Kodah, Ned, and Fred

As I mentioned, Kodah’s enjoyment can soon transform into obsession and hyperfixation, which became obvious anytime I tried to water the plants or even walk past the garden hose. And if some forgetful person left the hose nozzle within his reach, Kodah would destroy it in his efforts to get it to shoot water. This happened three times.

I Don’t Want to Be a Killjoy…

I was torn between wanting to allow Kodah to continue with an activity he so clearly enjoyed, and one that thoroughly tired him out, but I didn’t want him to hyperfixate on the hose, or have to replace yet another nozzle. The solution was clear: a water pistol, a big one.

The Water Gun is just as good as the hose!
The Water Gun is just as good as the hose!

Kodah is no less excited by the appearance of this newfound source of fun than he was by the hose, but being able to end the game and pack it away has not only taken his focus away from the hose, but he also seems more accepting when the game is over. Previously, in Kodah’s eyes, the hose was still there, so there was no reason the game couldn’t keep going. Now that we don’t use the hose when he is in the garden, he simply enjoys his fun with the water gun, and moves on to other things when it is put away, helping his sanity and my water bill.

Let The Good Times Roll

So bring on summer, bring on the sunshine, and bring on an enriched and active Kodah. The fact that an enriched and active Kodah turns into an exhausted and quiet Kodah is just a happy little benefit for me and the rest of the household!

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