Spring is in the air and so is our “paw”fect list of May 2021 dog events and holidays. Don’t see your dog event on the list? Email us at dogstermag@belvoir.com and we will include your dog event.

All-Month Long May Dog Holidays

National Pet Month, National Foster Care Month, Lyme Disease Prevention Month, Pet Cancer Awareness Month, Chip Your Pet Month, National Service Animal Eye Exam Month


May 6, 2021: Livestream Concert “Songs to Save Them All”

This three-hour dog benefit concert event for Best Friends Animal Society live streams on May 6 at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT. Includes recording artists country music legend Emmylou Harris, as well as Aunty Social, Baker Grace, Brandon Jenner, Canyon City, Chappell Roan, Davis John Patton, Dylan Dunlap, Geographer, Joshua Radin, Laura Jean Anderson, Munn, Pryor & Lee, Sammy Rae, SYML, The Joy Formidable, Tim Atlas, Two Feet, Victoria Anthony, WILD, Wild Rivers, WOLF and Wrabel. And that’s not all, celebrities Amanda Seyfried, Alison Pill, Brittany Snow, Holly Taylor, Kat Dennings, Tricia Helfer, author W. Bruce Cameron, TikTok influencer Caitlyn Cohen and others will also make appearances to support the cause. The free event livestreams on Tiltify, Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, as well as at bestfriends.org/concert. Viewers can donate to Best Friends Animal Society via Tiltify to support making America no-kill by 2025. More details at bestfriends.org.

May 8, 2021: Puperazzi 101:  A Virtual Puppy Picture Taking Class for Charity

Brutus Broth teams up with pet shelter wish list fundraising platform CUDDLY for a Dog Mom’s Day virtual pet photo taking class on National Dog Mom Day from 5pm to 6pm. The founder of dogfluencer account @dachshundsofnycwill emcee as leading NYC pet PAWTOGRAPHER Carmen Gonzalez gives tips on the right “mood”, getting your pet comfortable, incentivizing posing, framing the shot and more. Make a suggested $5 donation to CUDDLY via this link to receive the attendance link

May 24 – May 28, 2021: Boston Terrier Club of America (BTCA) National Specialty Show

Held this year in Tucson, Arizon at The Westin Paloma Resort and Country Club. Hosted by the The Boston Terrier Club of San Diego (May 24, 2021) with judge Johnny Shoemaker and The Sonoran Desert Boston Terrier Club of AZ (May 25, 2021) with judge Lloyd Amodei. Download PDFs of all information at bostonterrierclubofamerica.org.

May 28, 2021: Heat-Related Illness Day

Got a dog athlete or even just an active outdoor door he prefers to run around — forget the heat — instead of sitting in the air-conditioned house on his chill dog bed? Introducing Heat Related Illness Day, which is the last Friday in May, when the weather is just warming up and getting humid. Never heard of Heat Related Illness (HRI)? There are two types: non-exertional and exertional. We all know about non-exertional HRI, which dog lovers everywhere have been getting the words out about. Prime example is when a dog is left in a compact space like a car on a hot day with minimal ventilation. The core body temperature heats up, the dog can’t cool down and suffers from heat stress, heat exhaustion and heat stroke — all a type of heat-related illness (HRI). That topic is covered significantly. However, exertional HRI comes from trail running, mountain biking, fly ball and other sport activities with your dog. Originator of sporting and working dog nutrition, pet food company Eukanuba wants to educate more dog lovers about the impact heat and humidity has on their dogs, and how to enjoy the outdoors while keeping dogs safe, generating a significant amount of research to get the word out. Two facts Eukanuba wants you to know: The 140 rule of thumb:  Add the ambient temperature to the percent humidity. If it’s more than 140 don’t run your dog too hard. And what kind of dogs suffer the most? Overweight dogs, sedentary dogs called into action, older dogs and dogs that spend most days in air conditioning.