When the hot summer months hit, your dog will enjoy a frozen treat as much as you. These pupsicles, (popsicles for dogs), are a festive addition to any of your summer celebrations.

Materials for frozen dog treats:

    • Plastic cup
    • Unsweetened yogurt
    • Blueberries
    • Strawberries
    • Chew sticks
    • Scissor
Use any dog-safe fruit your pup enjoys! © Linda Facci


  1. Gather your supplies
  2. Split the ingredients into 4 even layers. Put a layer of yogurt on bottom of cup, layer on some strawberries, add more yogurt, layer on blueberries and top off with more yogurt. The ingredients should fill your cup about ¼ of the way. Insert the chew stick into the middle of the cup. Freeze overnight.
  3. Once frozen, cut away plastic cup.
    Your dogs will love this cool, summer DIY treat! © Linda Facci

You and your pup can both enjoy these frozen treats!

“Stick” options: Use a pretzel rod, bone treat or carrot in place of a pupsicle stick.

Flavor options: Cantaloupe, banana, apple sauce, honey, pineapple, unsalted chicken stock.

Wait until all ingredients are frozen before cutting the cup away © Linda Facci

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