Introducing the 2021 America’s Favorite Pet winner, Raoh (pronunciation like growl without the ‘G’ and ‘L’)! This lovable little Blue French Bulldog was born on June 20, 2020 alongside four brothers and one sister. Much like the Japanese anime character he was named after, Raoh is physically strong but has a gentle, caring side to him. His pet parents say he never barks or growls at other dogs and is always ready to play with them. He is even more lovable with people as he cuddles and showers them with kisses.

Raoh’s parents entered him into the competition when they saw a registration link for America’s Favorite Pet on the Chicago French Bulldog Owners Facebook page. They knew their silly pup had great potential to go far, but as they saw him advance week after week, they saw he had something super special.

After placing first, his dad said, “In our eyes, he’s a beautiful, well-behaved, kind, loving puppy. Since he was nine weeks old, every person and dog he met on the street fell in love with him. Even people who were walking their dogs would say, ‘Oh, she’s not friendly’ or ‘He doesn’t do well with puppies.’

But Raoh won them over and those people were amazed how Raoh changed their dogs! We were not sure the rest of the world would feel the same, but they do, and they voted him America’s Favorite Pet!” Raoh has a pretty cushy lifestyle. He sleeps, socializes, eats, chases squirrels, plays soccer with his dad, naps, watches TV (any show that has animals and wildlife are his favorites), and sleeps again — on his back, legs up. And yes, he snores; but just imagine what a cute little snore it is. Raoh’s favorite stuffy is a toy monkey given to him by his friend Tamari, and his favorite orange and blue ball was given to him by his friend Mike P. Raoh’s favorite ‘cuisine’ includes blueberries, roasted sweet potatoes, and pumpkin puree (along with his puppy food).

This pooch is the perfect gentleman as he treats others with love and respect. “His prize money will go into a savings account and we will make periodic donations to PAWS and other worthy organizations promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle for all dogs and those helping homeless dogs find homes. Raoh is a big supporter of dogs who provide companionship for children with terminal illnesses, and those in senior living facilities,” according to his dad.

The America’s Favorite Pet competition is open to all dogs of any breed, size, age, or temperament. “If your love is a purebred, a mix, a rescue, or one that has a physical or emotional challenge, this competition accepts all, and all are treated equally and have the same opportunity to win! So, let your dog’s soul shine and enter him or her next year. Raoh will be cheering them all as winners!”

It’s clear Raoh is deeply loved by his parents and all that come into contact with him. Wait until you see what’s next for Raoh! Follow him on Instagram: @raoh_the_blue_frenchie.

“A dog is pure love and completes any home and any life”

Did you know? The Blue French Bulldog is a color variety of the French Bulldog, who the AKC lists as the 4th most popular breed. Genetics in their coating create that marvelous blue color. Most are very affectionate like Raoh and should not be left home alone for too long or avoided when home. They are silly dogs with funny habits. If you’re looking to adopt a French Bulldog, it’s important to also know they should be kept mostly indoors as they are prone to allergies and don’t love to get dirty.

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