When selecting an eco-friendly dog toy, look beyond flashy packaging and buzzwords. “An eco-friendly toy is made from materials that help our planet,” says Spencer Williams, CEO of the B Corp-certified pet product company West Paw.

His criteria for an eco-friendly dog toy prioritizes one made first from recycled content, then made from natural materials followed by where the product is manufactured, which reflects the eco-friendly standards it follows.

“Natural materials can also be eco-friendly, however I place recycled content first because the supply chain needs safe options to use recycled content, such as consumer product, so that there is economic incentive to recycle,” he explains. “Finally, the manufacturing location matters a great deal because the laws and standards around manufacturing in an eco-friendly manner differ around the globe.”

Ready for your dog to go more green? Let’s sniff out the top eco-friendly dog toys:

  1. West Paw Funnl: Made in the U.S. from sustainable materials like Seaflex and zero-waste Zogoflex. It’s 100% recyclable and non-toxic, and it is even designed to hold an Earth Animal No-Hide Dog Chew. Comes in tropic red, kelp or marine. Costs $20. For Funnl and two no-hide chews $31.

Orbee-Tuff Planet Balls;$9.99

  1. Orbee-Tuff Planet Balls: Made in the U.S. from TPE rubber free from BPA, lead and phthalates. These durable balls come in a variety of colors and sizes, making them perfect for any pup who loves to play fetch. Costs $9.99. outwardhound.com
TallTails Scrappy Rabbit Toy; $14.99
  1. TallTails Scrappy Rabbit Toy: Made for dogs who love to tug. A great eco-friendly option, it’s crafted from scrap vegetable-tanned leather and reinforced with layers of natural wool-felt. Costs $14.99. talltaildog.com
PLAY Plush Toys Snack Attack Collection
P.L.A.Y. Plush Toys Snack Attack Collection; $55.90
  1. P.L.A.Y. Plush Toys: For dogs that love plush toys. Made from Eco-friendly PlanetFill filler, crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.  Comes in sets like Snack Attack Collection/$55.90 and Barking Brunch Collection $35.90. petplay.com
Eco Friendly Recycled Cotton Ball & Rope Toy; $12.99
  1. Eco Friendly Recycled Cotton Ball & Rope Toy by Only Natural Pet: Created for dogs who love rope toys. Made from recycled cotton scraps from the home and fashion industries, keeping cotton waste out of landfills while providing your pup with a fun and durable toy. Costs $12.99. onlynaturalpet.com

With so many eco-friendly dog toys available, there’s no reason not to spoil your pup while also helping to protect the planet.

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Featured Image Credit: AlainAudet, Unsplash